Tree Mail: Summer 2017


Volume 5, Issue 2

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2017 Volunteer Group of the Year Award + New Events

Urban Forestry recently announced the 2017 Volunteer Group of the Year Award! We have also updated our volunteer schedule – find out more…

Landscape Ordinance Modifications Accepted by City Council

Edmond City Council recently approved modifications to the municipal landscape ordinance related to zoning and non-residential developments. Learn more about the changes that will be implemented on January 1, 2018.

Landscape Improvement Award Nominations Open

Has your neighborhood group planted new trees or other landscaping this past year? If so, they may be eligible to win additional trees through the 2017 Landscape Improvement Award! Find out how to submit a nomination…

Stake Trees Properly to Prevent Damage

Staking is, in the minds of many, an essential component of the tree planting process… but have you ever thought about why we stake trees? What are we trying to accomplish? Is it always necessary? Read more about proper tree staking…

Why is Urban Tree Canopy Important?

In the last issue of Edmond Tree Mail, we discussed urban tree canopy – what it is, how it is measured, what affects it, and some background on tree canopy in Edmond. In this issue, we go a little further and talk about why urban tree canopy is a vital resource for a community. Learn more…

Tree Species Highlight

‘White Shield’ Osage orange is a native, drought tolerant shade tree with many favorable qualities. Read more about this season’s Tree Species Highlight…

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