Trees In Action Photo Contest

Because trees grow slowly and stand otherwise still and steadfast, most people don’t really perceive them as active beings. Truthfully, however, trees are constantly working to provide a wide variety of benefits every day. As part of the Edmond Tree Awards, Urban Forestry is introducing a new contest derived from that idea this spring—the “Trees in Action” photo contest.

To enter, participants must take a photo that visually illustrates a tree providing a specific benefit, such as shade, wildlife habitat, or erosion prevention and submit it through the online form, indicating the benefit represented. Some examples of other tree benefits can be found at this link. All entries will be uploaded into an online album for voting after the entry deadline on May 15th. The photographer whose photo receives the most votes will win a tree!
seeking shade.jpg
Urban Forestry encourages creativity in entries! Trees are providing all types of benefits all the time, but entries should show that benefit being experienced by someone/something. In example, rather than showing a tree by itself in a field for the benefit of “shade”, a photo of a person sitting on a park bench beneath a tree’s canopy actually illustrates that benefit. Trees provide wildlife habitat, but what evidence can you spot that shows this habitat? A nest? A foraging animal? Pay attention to the details, and be creative! We look forward to seeing the ideas that participants come up with.

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