2022 Rain Barrel & Compost Bin Distribution Event

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For the 7th year in a row, the Central Oklahoma Storm Water Alliance (COSWA) member cities of Bethany, Mustang, Yukon, Choctaw, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Noble, Norman, Stillwater, and Oklahoma City are partnering with Upcycle Products Inc. in a regional effort to encourage Oklahoma residents to conserve water, reduce water pollution, improve air quality, and divert waste from landfills by using rain barrels and compost bins.

To place your order online or print a mail-in order form for pickup in the City of Edmond, please use the link below:

For details on other pickup events & locations in the OKC metro:

For photos and descriptions of the available products, please visit the individual product webpages on Upcycle Products' website:

2022 Event Details:

 Day  Time Location
Saturday April 23rd 8am - 12pm City of Edmond Cross Timbers Municipal Complex (2012 Old Timbers Drive)

Event Pick-up Route Map: Please download here

Upcycle Product Care & Use Guides and Assembly Instructions:

City of Edmond Publications:

  • Composting Brochure - Learn about the benefits of compost, the differences between a stationary compost bin and a tumbling compost bin, what materials to include and exclude from your compost, and troubleshooting tips and tricks. 

Upcycle Products' Stationary & Tumbling Compost Bin Features:

The slideshow below highlights the major features of the stationary & tumbling compost bin options offered by Upcycle Products.

Small-scale composting diverts food scraps and yard waste, which compose 20-30% of what we throw away, from landfills. The finished compost can then be applied to your lawn and gardens as a nonchemical fertilizer and will improve the soil's structure and water retention, and grow healthier, disease-resistant plants. An additional benefit is that organics recycled in a backyard compost bin have a lower impact on our environment than if the materials were dumped in a landfill. The methane produced by organic material breaking down in a landfill is a contributor to global climate change.
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Upcycle Products' Rain Barrel Features:

The slideshow below highlights the major features of Upcycle Products' 55-gal rain barrels; however, if you are interested in viewing a rain barrel in person before placing an order, an Upcycle Products rain barrel is on permanent display in the 1st floor lobby of the Planning & Public Works building at 10 S Littler Ave. 

Rain barrels are a simple, efficient, and low-cost method to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff leaving your property by collecting the water draining from your home's gutter system. The stored water can then be used to water your lawn and gardens, rinse garden tools, or even wash your car! Using a rain barrel during the summer months may also reduce your utility bill by easing your reliance on City water.
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Training Videos:

Rain Barrels 101 Training Video: 

The University of Oklahoma's Water Survey and the Central Oklahoma Stormwater Alliance (COSWA) have created a YouTube video of their Rain Barrel 101 Workshop for homeowners who have purchased rain barrels from Upcycle Products. Please join community volunteer, Amanda Nairn, as she walks you through the ins-and-outs of rain barrels, including installation and maintenance, and discusses the many benefits rain barrels can provide to your home and community!

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