Landscape Improvement Award Winner

Trees and landscaping enhance neighborhood communities in many ways, from beautifying the appearance, creating a welcoming atmosphere, improving the environment, and contributing to better health of residents. By investing in its landscape, a neighborhood also invests in the people who live there and the sense of “home” created by living there. With these ideas in mind, the Edmond Urban Forestry Commission recently selected the very first recipient of the “Landscape Improvement Award” a new annual component of the Edmond Tree Awards. The Villages at Coffee Creek home owner association is this year’s awardee.

Following the widening of N Kelly Ave, The Villages at Coffee Creek planned landscape improvements for the neighborhood entrance, alongside the public trail on Kelly, and in the community space near the pool and recreation center. Led by Debbi Watkins, Reba Basinger, and Kurt Pitzer with Pitzer’s Lawn Management, the improvements included shrubs, perennials, and trees. “There is a wide sweeping bed on the north side of [the] entrance that received grey owl junipers, Carissa hollies, and black-eyed Susans,” said Watkins. A little further north on Kelly, she says, “we planted two Bosnian pine trees and a weeping willow tree to complement the new public art there along the walking trails.” The neighborhood also enhanced an existing grove of trees by replacing turf with a landscaped bed of grey owl junipers and big blue liriope. Finally, four Shumard oak trees were added to the grounds next to the recreation center, off of Prairie Village Dr.
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As part of their award, The Villages at Coffee Creek will receive several more trees to plant within their neighborhood. In addition, recognition signage will be placed near the project to commemorate their Landscape Improvement Award. Congratulations to The Villages at Coffee Creek for these great efforts toward improving the environment of their neighborhood!

Does your neighborhood have plans for improving their community landscapes this year? Any projects completed after July 31, 2016 are eligible for consideration in next year’s Landscape Improvement Award submissions. Find out more on the award page.

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