In October 2019, the Edmond City Council approved full implementation of Smart Choice, an initiative to install smart meters in both residential and commercial properties. Smart Choice will be a group of programs and services, implemented over time, that uses data provided by our upgraded smart meters. Smart Choice will help you better track and manage your utility usage as well as allow us to provide enhanced services and programs to you. 

A summary of benefits include:
  • Automatic meter readings
  • More timely and accurate billing
  • Better reliability and quality of service from utilities
  • Automatic outage notification

Project Information

Starting summer of 2022, Utility Partners of America (UPA), the approved contractor with the City of Edmond, will begin installing meters. This will be done in segments throughout the next 18 months to 2 years. 

A notification letter will be sent to you 2-4 weeks prior to your area's installation dates, so you are aware that UPA will be servicing your area.

On the date of your installation, here is what to expect:
  • The UPA representative will arrive with a visible ID badge and City of Edmond marked vehicle. 
  • The UPA representative will attempt to knock on your door before the installation. 
  • You do not have to be home for the installation to occur if your meters are accessible.
  • If you answer, a UPA representative will hand you a door hanger with information about the installation. 
  • If you are not home and the installation was able to occur, a door hanger will be left for you with installation information. 
If the meters cannot be accessed, you will need to call and schedule a time for the installation to occur. The contact information for rescheduling your installation will be provided on your door hanger.

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  1. Electric & Water Smart Meters
  2. Advanced Meters are Safe

Electric & Water Smart Meters

Safety is our highest priority. The Advanced Meters we will install meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).  If the meters encounter equipment failure, such as a short circuit, certification will ensure they respond in a safe manner. As part of this certification, our meters are independently tested and inspected during the manufacturing process.

The meters use a low-powered radio to send your usage readings to the City of Edmond electric and water offices through a secure mesh network. This data is then processed and validated so you can see your previous days' hourly usage, as well as long-term historical data. The meters will also notify us if there is an issue so we can better serve you.

In conjunction with a coming new web portal, this enhanced technology will allow you to access the previous days' hourly usage for your water and electric service. Additionally, historical hourly usage will be available to view and graph. Various tools will help you track, compare, and monitor your usage so you can better control your utilities. In time, we will be offering additional programs and services under the Smart Choice program. 


 Electric Smart MeterWater Smart Meter
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