Tree Species Highlight: Tulip Tree

With fall quickly approaching (if not already upon us), it is finally time to enjoy the beautiful colors that our wonderful trees in Edmond show off this time of year. With this changing of the seasons, many of us know the usual suspects that exhibit amazing color. Some of the trees that we normally look to are maples, Chinese pistache, and elms… but have you ever noticed the golden fall foliage of a tulip tree?

The tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, often most admired for its showy yellowish-green flower that attracts hummingbirds is sometimes forgotten when it comes to fall color. Although the tulip tree has a beautiful 2-3 inch flower which sometimes includes orange at the base of its petals, fall color is quite possibly its best attribute. Once a tulip tree’s large, uniquely-shaped leaves fade from green to yellow or gold, it is really hard to miss. With a mature height of 70-90 feet, this tall, straight-trunked tree is a great center piece for any yard.
The tulip tree (one of George Washington’s favorite trees!) could be a great addition to your yard with its spring and fall interest. It does well in most soil types, so if you have a medium to large space available that receives full sun, the tulip tree may be for you.
If you are interested in giving this beautiful tree a try, we will have a limited quantity available at our tree distribution on October 31st at the Edmond Farmer’s Market.