#EdmondTrees - Urban Forestry on Social Media


As you may know, Edmond Urban Forestry’s Facebook page is a great way to keep up with the happenings of urban forestry programs and relevant tree issues in the community. The latest way to see more about Edmond’s urban forest and departmental services is through Instagram! Be sure to follow us @EdmondUrbanForestry to keep up with us in a more visual way.


An urban forest is far more than just a bunch of trees throughout a city—It’s the trees that we live and work around. Trees that we see and enjoy benefits from every day, often without realizing it. Trees that have immense value to different people, for many different reasons. Taking advantage of the great ways we can benefit from trees in our yards and engaging in local urban forestry programs are both great ways to promote a healthy urban forest through tree planting, proper tree care, and getting outside to connect with the natural environment. Edmond Urban Forestry wants to see how the community is engaging with the local urban forest, whether it’s by participating in a City of Edmond volunteer event or planting a tree from one of our tree distributions at home! Be sure to tag your social media posts with #EdmondTrees when participating in Urban Forestry Programs!
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