Arbor Day Art Contest

While the Arbor Day Art Contest (formerly Arbor Day Poster Contest) has been a traditional element of Edmond Arbor Week events for several years, 2015 marks the fifth year for the Arbor Day Art Show! This event showcases the artwork of fifth grade students from each participating school surrounding the theme “Trees in Our Town”. In 2015, private schools and home school students in Edmond were also invited to submit entries for the first time. (If you would like to get your school involved next year, check out the program information for the Arbor Day Art Contest.)
The Edmond Historical Society & Museum (431 S Boulevard) is once again serving as the venue for the Arbor Day Art Show, which is still on exhibit, until Saturday, April 25th! This year’s exhibition includes first through third place and an honorable mention from each school. Frame Master Gallery has continued to provide beautiful framing for the first place works, and Citizens Bank of Edmond also continued to sponsor $25 gift cards for first place students. A reception for participating students and their families was held during Arbor Week, where all students received additional prizes.

Congratulations to the Arbor Day Art Show participants! Please see below for students’ names and more photos from Arbor Day Art Show events. (Photos were taken by Crooked Glass Studios). Be sure to stop by the Edmond Historical Society & Museum by April 25th to see the Arbor Day Art Show and enter a drawing to win a free tree!

Angie Debo Elementary

1st Place – Raegan Bulleigh
2nd Place – Francheska Santana
3rd Place – Eunsol “Grace” Kim
Honorable Mention – Alexis Olsen

Centennial Elementary

1st Place – Gavin Hogue
2nd Place – Joshua Morris
3rd Place – Annabelle Watts
Honorable Mention – Faith Morrison

Charles Haskell Elementary

1st Place – Katelyn Branson
2nd Place – Valencia Kwan
3rd Place – Luke Williams
Honorable Mention – Sadie Shuler
art show 1.jpg

Chisholm Elementary

1st Place – Rori Hoover
2nd Place – Catherine Nguyen
3rd Place – Ella Welm
Honorable Mention – Persephone Hobbs

Clegern Elementary

1st Place – Lauren Nguyen
2nd Place – Kyra Looman
3rd Place – Royce Coleman
Honorable Mention – Katherine Padilla

Cross Timbers Elementary

1st Place – Alexandra Williams
2nd Place – Quint Reep
3rd Place – Enrique Rosa-Bernios
Honorable Mention – Dacia Sims

Frontier Elementary

1st Place – Rachel Frank
2nd Place – Cate Gibson
3rd Place – Madison Whalen
Honorable Mention – Daeli Robertson

Ida Freeman Elementary

1st Place – Ever Owen
2nd Place – Jeffrey Pirkle
3rd Place – Heather Ravenall
Honorable Mention – Amari Griffis
art show.jpg

John Ross Elementary

1st Place – Josh Broussard
2nd Place – Kianaz Eshghi Shirazi
3rd Place – Lauren Mitchell
Honorable Mention – Ashton Stubblefield

Northern Hills Elementary

1st Place – Truman Wood
2nd Place – Brianna Sloat
3rd Place – Jiyeon Ha
Honorable Mention – Shon Stancampiano

Orvis Risner Elementary

1st Place – Chyanna Reece
2nd Place – Chidozie Ibe
3rd Place – Izzy Ayers
Honorable Mention – Zoe Steward

Russell Dougherty Elementary

1st Place – Dane Malzahn
2nd Place – Beau Jackson
3rd Place – Mia Ray
Honorable Mention – Nadia Llach

St. Mary’s Episcopal School

1st Place – Melissa Gathings
2nd Place – Soami Ellis
3rd Place – Ashlyn Chapman
Honorable Mention – Lauren Day

Sunset Elementary

1st Place – Matthew Charness
2nd Place – Alex Simco
3rd Place – Bella Zuniga
Honorable Mention – Skye Dobbs

Washington Irving Elementary

1st Place – Courtney King
2nd Place – Leslie Juarez
3rd Place – Xarybel Gonzalez Marcano
Honorable Mention – Tiffany Snelling

West Field Elementary

1st Place – Brandon Robertiello
2nd Place – Tia Ward
3rd Place – Maggie Rasmussen
Honorable Mention – Bryce Cappiello

Will Rogers Elementary

1st Place – Brison Ready
2nd Place – Johnthan Combs
3rd Place – Skyla Martin
Honorable Mention – Daniel Crocker

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