Tree Mail: Spring 2015


Volume 3, Issue 2

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Arbor Week Recap

The City of Edmond has just wrapped up another successful Arbor Week, which was held during the last full week of March, the 22nd – 28th! See some highlights from this year’s events.

Arbor Day Art Contest

While the Arbor Day Art Contest (formerly Arbor Day Poster Contest) has been a traditional element of Edmond Arbor Week events for several years, 2015 marks the fifth year for the Arbor Day Art Show, exhibiting the artwork of fifth grade students surrounding the theme “Trees in Our Town”. Find out more about this annual program….

Upcoming Events

With the arrival of the growing season, we have some great opportunities available for Edmond residents to get involved in. View information about this spring's events, including a tree distribution scheduled for April 16th!

#EdmondTrees: Urban Forestry on Social Media

Edmond Urban Forestry is utilizing new forms of social media to connect Edmond residents with the urban forest. Find out about some new ways to engage with us, such as Instagram and a new hashtag…

Mulch is Your Tree’s Best Friend

Spreading mulch around trees is an accepted landscape practice, but have you ever considered why, specifically, that it is so important? Read more about why your trees (all of them!) can benefit from mulch…

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