Distribution Lines & Trees

Distribution lines carry high-voltage electricity to end consumers, converting it into 220 volts along the way. Distribution lines are much thinner than transmission lines.

Tree limbs falling into overhead distribution lines can cause safety hazards and power outages. Edmond Electric contracts a service to trim trees away from such lines to ensure public safety and reliable electric service.

Proper planting is the proactive way to keep the landscape in harmony with power lines.

Tree Trimming Methods

Edmond Electric follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Standard Practices endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture, the National Arbor Day Foundation and the National Arborist Association.

Those practices require tree-trimmers to cut branches back to the parent limb. This enables the pruning cuts to close more rapidly – reducing the chances of insect and disease damage – and promotes a healthier regrowth of branches that are directed away from power lines.

Pruning consideration include the tree species, growth and regrowth rates, proximity to power lines, power line voltage, type of power line construction, length of pruning cycle, natural tree shape and branching pattern, general tree condition and appearance after pruning.

Since 2002, Edmond Electric has earned the Tree Line USA Utility designation from the National Arbor Day Foundation, in recognition of the utility’s quality tree care programs and services.
These illustrations show the types of trimming used by Edmond Electric. The trimming method depends on where the tree is located in relation to the power line and the type of tree being trimmed. Our professional foresters work directly with qualified line clearance tree trimming companies, which are trained to safely work around energized power lines and perform the work properly.

Tree and Shrub Planting Tips
Properly placed trees and shrubs can help reduce home heating and cooling costs. Careful positioning away from power lines also helps reduce power outages and the need for costly tree trimming or removal as the tree matures. Learn More.
For public safety and grid reliability, it's also important to landscape carefully around padmount equipment.

Call before you dig! Before starting any project that requires you to dig into the ground, such as planting a tree or building a deck, call to have underground utility lines located and marked.