Residential Rates

Residential rates are available for electric service utilized for residential purposes in one and two-family dwellings, including condominiums, apartments, and individually owned units which are attached.

Rate R-1 Residential -

Rate Schedule

Basic Customer Charge: $14.00/month

  • Energy charge in cents/kWh per meter

Summer Season

 (revenue months of June - September)

  • First 1,400 kWh/month:  $0.0851/metered kWh
  • All additional kWh/month: $0.0957/metered kWh

Winter Season

(revenue months of November - April)

  • First 600 kWh/month: $0.0851
  • All additional kWh/month: $0.0485/metered kWh

Shoulder Season

(revenue months of May & October)

  • All kWh/month: $0.0851/metered kWh

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the Customer Charge plus applicable rate riders.

Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)

See Standard Pricing Schedule FCA, Rider for Fuel Cost Adjustment.

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