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What are the membership requirements?

Due to the sensitive nature of law enforcement operations, the Edmond Police Department has established eligibility standards for prospective Explorers. Additionally, it is a fact that the ability of our Post to maintain the support of the agency, and to be effective, is dependent upon attracting well-qualified members. Candidates for Explorer Post 655 must meet the following requirements:

  1. 14 to 20 years of age and a U.S. citizen or legal resident. If the Explorer is 14 years of age, they must have completed the 8th grade.
  2. The Explorer may remain in the program until they have reached their twenty-first (21) birthday.
  3. Have a high school diploma (or GED equivalent), or be currently enrolled and attending school. Once an Explorer graduates from high school, he/she must enroll in at least two (2) courses per fall and spring semester at an accredited college or university. An exception may be granted by the committee if a member in good standing has a break in school attendance due to financial or personal hardship. However, the member is expected to return to classes in the following academic semester.
  4. Must maintain at least a 2.0 overall grade point average.
  5. The Explorer must be of sound mental and physical health and possess no deficiency, which would deter them from a law enforcement career. Explorers also must be in excellent physical condition.
  6. Pass a physician’s or licensed health-care practitioner’s medical evaluation and be documented on a Explorer Medical Evaluation form. This is required to be able to participate in activities and the Ride-Along program throughout the year. This evaluation should include a standard hearing test. The medical evaluation form must be updated yearly and returned to the Post Advisor before January 1st of each new calendar year.

    Note: The Explorer Medical Evaluation form is considered confidential information and will be reviewed only by the Post Advisor, Associate Advisors or the Committee Members. The form will be kept on file to be used in the event of a serious medical emergency for informational purposes for the responding medical units


  7. Have no record of arrest or conviction for criminal offenses or crimes of moral turpitude.
  8. Must not have more than three moving violations and/or at fault accidents during the past 24 months.
  9. Applicants under the age of eighteen (18) must have written permission from both parents and legal guardians to participate in the Explorer Program. A hold-harmless and release waiver of liability form shall be completed by both parents or legal guardians and witnessed by a licensed notary public if the Explorer is under 18 years of age or 18 years of age or older but still living at home. An Explorer who is 18 years of age and not living at home may sign the form for themselves witnessed by a licensed notary public. Note: If one parent has complete child custody due to divorce decree/ child custody agreement, then court documentation will be required to prove the one parent having full legal parental rights. Step-fathers or step-mothers cannot sign in lieu of the biological father/mother unless documentation is provided proving they have the legal right. Photocopies of original court documents are acceptable.
  10. Explorer applicants are required to pass an extensive background investigation. The investigation includes but not limited to, contact with school officials, neighbors, and personal references, prior to acceptance into Post 655.
  11. No illegal use, past or present, of drugs.
  12. No dismissal from any Explorer Post for dishonorable reasons.
  13. Termination from any employment for any type of theft or deception.
  14. The Explorer must provide any personal social networking websites for review, such as Facebook or Twitter. Any material found in such sites that is considered offensive, vulgar, or reflects poorly on the character and moral of any such potential Explorer may be cause for rejection of the Explorer application.
  15. Must meet all membership requirements of Learning for Life. Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, economic status, and citizenship are NOT criteria for membership in Learning for Life.

What do I need to do to join?

Step 1


Persons who meet the requirements for membership may fill out the Post approved applications. The applications are to be fully completed and all the information in the application is to be factual. Any falsification or misrepresentation of any information in the application is immediate grounds for disqualification or termination from the Post.

The following are the approved Post Explorer application and renewal forms:
1. Edmond Police Department Explorer Application
2. The Annual Health and Medical Form
5. The Youth Learning for Life Application

Step 2:

Once the application are completed and notarized they will be turned in at the Edmond Police Department. The applications will be left with Records Clerks at the front desk in a 9” x 12” manila envelope addressed to the Committee Chair, Sena Whipple. Once an application has been received by the Post Advisor, the applicant will receive a full background investigation to determine if the applicant meets the membership qualifications. The Post Committee has 30 days to approve or reject the application and make such reasonable notification to the applicant. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Step 3:

Explorer applicants will be required to participate in an oral interview by a selection board. The Board will be made up of the Post Associate Advisors, Committee Members, and youth leaders. This board will make recommendations to the Post Advisor. The Post Advisor will be responsible for making the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the applicant. The oral review board will consist of at a minimum, three members, two of which must be Post Associate Advisors, and or, Committee Members.

Step 4:

All Post dues must be paid in full prior to final approval for “Probationary Cadet Status” Scholarships will be available for potential members that can prove financial hardship. Post dues are set at $75 annually. If the probationary member decides within 60 days that they do not wish to remain in the program, $50 of the dues may be refunded. Dues will be collected in January of each calendar year.

Step 5:

Upon final approval from the Exploring Program Coordinator, the Explorer applicant will enter into their probationary period as a “Probationary Explorer.”

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