Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

Urban Forestry often talks about the environmental, economic, and health benefits of trees, which are of course a great reason to plant trees throughout the community. Beyond these services, there is something personal and meaningful about planting a young tree that will grow from a small trunk with a few branches into a statuesque focal point. Trees are landmarks in time. They may be planted to signify birth and remembrance, the many milestones along the way.

Larry and Dianne Rose had this in mind when they signed up for the Foster-A-Tree program in 2010. With their golden wedding anniversary approaching in a few years, Larry signed up and received a native oak tree. He says, “The chinquapin oak was planted so it would be flourishing for our 50th wedding anniversary in September 2015; a growing oak, as we grow in marriage.”
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A few of the Rose’s neighbors have participated in the Foster-A-Tree program too, creating an enhancement of the block. Larry looks forward to the shade his tree will provide in the summertime. One aspect of the program he also enjoys is the technical assistance provided by the Urban Forestry Department. Urban Forestry staff is available to provide guidance about caring for each tree early in its life.

Planting trees is about much more than just the benefit that we see today. “When you plant an oak tree, you extend the present and give a gift to future generations, a gift that is free of cost to the homeowner,” says Larry. Thank you to Dianne and Larry Rose, and everyone who has participated in the Foster-A-Tree program for giving this gift to your loved ones, neighbors and greater community.

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