Tree Mail: Winter 2015


Volume 3, Issue 1

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Upcoming Events

Happy New Year, from the Urban Forestry Department! We are looking forward to serving Edmond residents in 2015 through our programs and services. Find out how you can get involved this season…

Pruning Young Trees

Beginning a training pruning regimen on young trees can help to improve their structure and avoid future problems. Read more to find out what to look for when pruning your own trees at home…

Edmond’s Residential Trees Improve the Air We Breathe

Last season we wrote about how much household energy the trees in Edmond’s residential areas are saving. This winter we are sharing how much they improve the quality of the air. Learn more about the pollution removal and air quality improvement benefits provided by trees in our community…

Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

Trees are landmarks in time. They may be planted to signify birth and remembrance, the many milestones along the way. Check out this season’s Foster-A-Tree Spotlight to find out about the Rose family and their experience with the Foster-A-Tree program.

Trees With a Story: Survivor Tree Seedling in Mitch Park

At the dedication of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial for Edmond Victims at Mitch Park in 1997, a seedling of the Survivor Tree was gifted to the community. Read more about the monument and the symbolic tree now growing beside it…

Tree Species Highlight

In the winter edition of Tree Mail, we like to think about trees to highlight that deliver interest to the winter landscape. Obviously, evergreen trees provide color throughout winter, but deciduous trees with unique branching structure, bark, or fruit can be great features of the winter landscape. Learn more about this season's featured species, the Kentucky coffee tree...

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