Foster-A-Tree Spotlight: Tuscany Villa HOA

One of Urban Forestry’s favorite parts about the Foster-a-Tree program is seeing communities come together to improve their environment for their neighbors and themselves through the planting of trees. Tuscany Villa, off of Vista Ln and E 2nd St is an exceptional example of a neighborhood that has embraced the Foster-a-Tree program in a big way. Pattie Simmons, an HOA representative said, “Our HOA loved the fact that the City of Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department wanted to partner with local HOAs to help us create a peaceful, beautiful environment.” Since they are a young HOA, participating in this program helped Tuscany Villa to improve the aesthetics of their area without the hurdle of needing extra resources to do so. “The Foster-A-Tree program provided the trees, the labor and the general education of caring for the trees we needed to be successful,” Pattie explained.

The five northern catalpa trees in Tuscany Villa line the neighborhood common area, framing a basketball court, a playground, and the neighborhood pool. These trees shade the sidewalk leading toward these amenities and in the future will provide a break from the road, calming traffic, and a cool place to rest. On a hot day, shade is crucial and with access to it kids are more likely to go outside to play.
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Pattie noted that having the trees planted has brought together many generations within the community. People of all ages have volunteered to help with watering the trees, from young children to seniors. Neighbors have taken on month long commitments of watering – “It truly was a community effort!” she said. “We want neighbors willing to work beside one another, building memories, sharing stories and wisdom, becoming family.”

The trees are healthy and have already grown a lot since they were planted a year and a half ago, and the neighbors look forward to one day when the canopies are broad and create an increasingly peaceful atmosphere for residents as they drive through the neighborhood. Even the local wildlife has enjoyed the new additions, as a family of lizards has taken up residence beneath one of the Treegator bags. Pattie said, “It’s definitely interesting being greeted by them when you come to water. Even lizards benefit from the Foster-A-Tree program!”

Trees provide an integral connection between our lives in the built environment and the natural surroundings, one benefit being mental peace and wellbeing. “Ultimately our children can benefit the most. As they walk to and from their home to play in our common areas, the trees will shade their path and hopefully play a small part in making them feel peaceful as they make memories doing what they do best – being carefree and pursuing fun.”

Does your neighborhood need some trees along the street in common areas? Neighborhood groups can sign up to receive up to five trees through the Foster-A-Tree program! Check out to learn more.

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