New Foster-A-Tree Logo

When you’ve been out driving around town, you may have noticed trees planted near the street with green bags around the trunk for a few years now. There’s a good chance that the trees you’re seeing were planted through the Foster-A-Tree program, in which the City will plant a tree near the street and the adjacent resident agrees to water it for two years. Starting with this past spring’s planting, you’ll know for sure if you spot one.

Urban Forestry recently worked with Edmond’s Marketing and Public Relations Department to create a logo for the Foster-A-Tree program. This new branding makes the trees more recognizable and creates a more inclusive and identifiable program. Initially, the logo has been placed on the green Treegator irrigation bags to help trees planted through the program stand out, and Urban Forestry looks forward to incorporating the branding into other uses as the program grows. Not only are residents getting a tree for their yard when they sign up for the Foster-A-Tree program, but they are also becoming a part of a network of residents throughout the City who are contributing to a diverse and healthy urban forest. We are proud to make Foster-A-Tree available to Edmond, and we are thankful to have participants who are proud to be a part of it too. If you are a participant, thank you for your enthusiasm and diligent care of your tree. If not, what are you waiting for?!

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