New Landscapes Around Town

As you’ve been out and about this spring, you’ve probably noticed the appearance of several new landscapes along the roadways and City properties. Urban Forestry was hard at work this planting season adding trees to areas in need of shade and other tree benefits. See below for photos of new tree plantings and a little information about each new landscape.

Kickingbird Golf Course

If you attended the Saturday tree planting during Arbor Week, you helped to plant many of these trees yourself! Vitex, red bud, box elder, butterfly bush, Hetzi juniper and hibiscus line Danforth out in front of Kickingbird Golf Club. In addition, some tall, slender hornbeams were added after the initial tree planting event. All of the trees at this location are utility compatible, meaning that they either have a small mature height, or a narrow form that will not conflict with the overhead utility lines.
Kickingbird 2.jpg

Mitch Park Entry from Santa Fe

Volunteers planted more trees during Arbor Week along JL Mitch Rd which is the entry into Mitch Park from Santa Fe Ave. This location is fairly open, so we look forward to seeing the formation of tree canopy to shade the road and provide a calming buffer upon entering the park into the future. Volunteers helped install the east end of this planting, and then we returned and planted many more trees from there to Santa Fe Ave. Species included shade trees such as bur oak, scarlet oak, northern red oak, and other trees of interest such as Arizona cypress, butterfly bush and crape myrtle.
Mitch Park 1.jpg
Mitch Park 2.jpg

Covell Rd

Probably the most notable of the new landscapes this season is the Covell planting. From Broadway to Santa Fe, new trees recently went in along the medians as well as the roadsides in some places. Species such as goldenrain tree, Japanese pagoda, desert willow, Japanese tree lilac, crape myrtle and vitex promise a striking array of flowers. Staggered in their bloom times, we are likely to see blossoms on different trees here from spring through summer. American holly and Hetzi juniper provide some green contrast for the dormant, winter months.
Covell 1.jpg
Covell 3.jpg
Covell 2.jpg

Danforth and Santa Fe

Urban Forestry filled in several empty medians at Santa Fe Ave and Danforth Rd this spring, on all sides of the intersection. On Santa Fe south of Danforth several Bradford pears succumbed to the drought a few years back and were removed. These medians were reforested as part of the project, which included species such as Japanese pagoda, live oak, crabapple, loblolly pine and purple leaf plum.
In addition to the new landscapes, Urban Forestry consistently seeks to replace trees lost in existing plantings. Thus, several median replacements were made this season as well.

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