Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

patterson tree 1.jpg
The Patterson family with their Urbanite ash tree.
Trees in our yards become valued assets as they mature, with their many benefits. A few of the most obvious perks of a tree in the front yard include shading around the home, beautification, and providing privacy from the busy street. We savor the enjoyment brought from trees while we have them, but when we lose trees that value becomes all the more apparent.

When the Patterson family lost a pine tree in their front yard to pine wilt, they knew they needed to plant a new tree in front of the house to replace it. The Foster-A-Tree program had just launched, and the Pattersons signed on as one of the first families to receive a tree through this collaborative program. Mike Patterson says, “We participated in the program because we had to remove a tree, not too far from our new one, due to pine wilt. Because of the program, the City planted a tree much larger than what we would have purchased on our own.”

One of the family’s favorite parts about participating in Foster-A-Tree is the knowledge they have gained in how to properly plant and provide care for all of the trees in their yard. The Urban Forestry Department provides expertise on how to care for a new tree over time. Some of their neighbors have had trees planted as well, and the Pattersons say that they look forward to the changing colors of leaves in the fall.

If you have lost a tree in your front yard, now is a great time to sign up to receive a tree this fall through the Foster-A-Tree program. Check out for more details.

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