Improvements to Utility Pruning Notification

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As part of Edmond Electric’s Vegetation Management program, every resident whose trees may be impacted by utility line clearance pruning is notified prior to scheduling the work by Edmond’s Utility Forester, Jesse Martin. Over the last 9 months the Urban Forestry Department, with the help of the Marketing Department, has been working on updating this notification process in order to improve efficiency and customer service.

With main goals of making clear information readily available and providing ample time for citizens to address questions and concerns, one major change in the notification process was the creation of a mailer. The mailer covers all details regarding the pruning and ways to get in touch with the Utility Forester. Approximately two weeks after citizens receive their mailers the Utility Forester inspects the area and leaves a door hanger on all properties with trees in need of pruning. The door hanger provides another opportunity to increase awareness and for citizens to contact the Utility Forester with questions. In the final step of the process, the contracted tree pruning companies leave one of their company door hangers, to let each affected citizen know they will be on their property within the next couple of days.

So far, the new notification process has been in use for two months and is already showing greater results in citizen engagement. The new notification process allows for the citizen to become more aware of the utility pruning in their neighborhood and creates multiple new avenues to reach out to the Utility Forester. These added opportunities are a great benefit for the citizen to not only be aware of what will be taking place on their property, but allow for better contact with Edmond Electric. If you do receive a mailer or door hanger, make sure to take that opportunity to get in touch with the Utility Forester, so that all your questions or concerns can be addressed before the pruning takes place.

There are always ways to help prevent or minimize the need for utility pruning on your property. For instance, make sure to always plant the right tree in the right spot. “Look up”, and if there are utility lines above your planting location then make sure to plant a smaller, slow-growing species. Also if you see any unwanted volunteer trees growing underneath the lines, help us by removing them when they are a smaller, more manageable size to prevent them from growing up into the utility lines.

If you have questions about any of the information above feel free to contact Jesse Martin, the Utility Forester via the online contact form.

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