Criminal Investigations Units

Bomb Squad Unit

  • Accredited program through the FBI.
  • Technicians are trained graduates of Hazardous Devices School (HDS).
  • Called out to help other agencies and offers training to the private sector.

Dive Team Unit

Underwater Search and Recovery Team
  • Investigates Crimes of Submerged Evidence, i.e., Weapons, Stolen Property.
  • Recovery of Drowning Victims.
  • Dive Team Divers Qualifications.
  • Training in Underwater Search and Recovery
  • Divemaster Certification

Narcotics Unit

  • Investigating and interdicting the importation of illegal drugs in the City of Edmond
  • Investigating and arresting drug dealers and buyers who engage in illegal drug transactions
  • Assisting prosecuting agencies in preparing successful narcotics cases for court
  • Preparing narcotics-related civil and criminal forfeiture cases involving illegal profits derived from drug transactions
  • Collecting, archiving and disseminating narcotics-related intelligence for successful narcotics investigations and prosecution
  • Acting as a legislative analyst for proposed laws involving illegal narcotics in the City of Edmond, the State of Oklahoma or before the United States Congress

Sex Offenders Unit

The City of Edmond Police Department places a high priority on the keeping the citizens safe. Edmond’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for monitoring the activities of sex registrants in the City of Edmond corporate limits, enforcing sex registration laws, and communicating Megan's Law information to the public through education and notifications.

For more information or questions about Edmond Sex Offenders please call at (405) 359-4424.