Volunteer Opportunities


Community volunteers planted 26 trees at Westborough Park last spring for Arbor Week.

Some activities, such as seedling planting and removal of invasive trees, are best accomplished during the dormant season. In the cooler weather when trees have not yet put on leaves, seedlings can put on more root growth and get established more readily than in the warmer months. This winter, Urban Forestry will host a seedling planting on the Mitch Park Disc Golf Course to reforest with some small statured trees along Santa Fe. In addition, we will continue with prairie management through an invasive removal event at Mitch Park to control exotic ornamental trees that have seeded into the native grasslands. Please contact Leigh with questions about events or to RSVP, at 359-4759 or leigh.martin@edmondok.com. See below for a listing of this season’s volunteer opportunities.

Seedling Planting

– January 23rd at 4:30 PM, Mitch Park Disc Golf Course (SW corner of park)
We will plant seedlings of small statured trees to frame Hole 9 of the disc golf course, screen from Santa Fe, and provide wildlife habitat. Check out the event on our calendar for more information.

Invasive Species Removal

– Postponed until a later date TBA, Bickham-Rudkin Park
Volunteers will remove Bradford pear, Chinese pistache and elm trees that are encroaching on the native prairie in Bickham-Rudkin Park. Colonization by nonnative invasives can compromise the native ecosystem and displace native plants and wildlife.

Arbor Week Plantings

– Mitch Park on March 27th and Kickingbird Golf Course on March 29th
This year’s Arbor Week celebration will continue to include multiple tree planting events throughout the community. Keep up with our calendar and our Facebook page to find out the latest information about these events.

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