New Trees in Town

In addition to the many trees planted at Anderson Park, Westborough Park, and the Service Blake Soccer Complex during Arbor Week, Urban Forestry made many other new landscape improvements around town this spring. The Kelly median between 15th and 33rd St. was redesigned and replanted to improve the look of the existing landscape beds, replace dead trees, and to deal with some ongoing maintenance issues.
new display bed.jpg

New landscaping in the Kelly median.

We also had the opportunity to save some great trees and plant them in the Chowning median. Nine very large yaupon hollies were relocated from a site being demolished in downtown Edmond. While there is always a risk with transplanting large plants, most of the hollies are adjusting well to their new home. Chowning Ave. is just east of UCO’s football stadium. Keep an eye on the area as we continue to implement further phases of the overall landscape plan for this median.

Nine yaupon hollies were recently spaded to the Chowning median.