Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

The Greenlaw family with their foster tree, a Redpointe maple.
Robert Greenlaw and his family are residents of the Edmond Oaks addition, and he initially found out about the Foster-a-Tree program through a neighbor. After finding out more about the program, he decided to share about it with the rest of the neighborhood. Robert said, “I broadcasted the opportunity through our neighborhood HOA. A good number of neighbors signed up for a tree, which improves the scenery for everyone!” Several residents of Edmond Oaks had trees planted in the street right-of-way of their front yards through Foster-A-Tree, an act that will contribute to picturesque, calming, tree-lined streets and an increased canopy coverage which provides many benefits into the future, such as cooler temperatures in the summer months, energy conservation, soil erosion prevention and improved air quality.

“We are delighted to have another shade tree in our yard, and at the same time help beautify our neighborhood. Since learning about Foster-A-Tree, I’ve noticed the difference it makes having trees along the city right-of-ways.” Robert said that he was impressed with the size and health of his tree, and the professional manner in which it was installed. He also likes the impact that it has on his family. “It’s easy to care for, and it’s fun for our children to see something grow in front of their eyes.”

Looking at the bigger picture, the Foster-A-Tree program connects participants to the greater community. The Urban Forestry Department has planted more than 200 foster trees to date, all across the city. Robert and his family appreciate this connection. “Foster-A-Tree gives us, as Edmond residents, one small way to participate in what’s going on in our community. And that’s a good feeling.”

Are you interested in the prospect of tree-lined streets in your neighborhood? Encourage your neighbors to register for the Foster-A-Tree program at to have a tree planted in the street right-of-way of their property. The next planting will take place this fall, and participation is first come, first serve. Contact Leigh Martin for more details at 359-4759.

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