Arbor Week Recap

Volunteers plant trees at Service Blake Soccer Complex for Arbor Week.
Thanks to support from many different groups and individuals, the 2013 Arbor Week celebration turned out as the best week of events that Urban Forestry has seen yet.

Arbor Day Art Show

The Edmond Historical Society & Museum hosted this year’s Arbor Day Art Show and they provided an amazing space that accommodated the exhibit from Arbor Week in March through Earth Day in late April. 2013 is the first year that the Arbor Day Art Show has been on display for such a long period of time, and Urban Forestry is grateful to the Edmond Historical Society & Museum for being such a great partner. Sponsors for the Arbor Day Art Show, including Frame Master, Citizens Bank of Edmond and Edmond Public Schools also contributed greatly to the success of this event. With 300 people in attendance for the opening reception, Urban Forestry was excited to congratulate the 60 students who participated in the art show through a presentation with prizes.

Arbor Week Tree Plantings

In all, over 80 trees were planted by more than 200 volunteers at three locations, including: Anderson Park, Westborough Park, and the Service Blake Soccer Complex. Volunteers from Cub Scouts, Edmond Soccer Club, Edmond North Sun Club and numerous other individuals set out to beautify the community and change the landscapes of these areas to provide more shade, air purification, rainwater interception and wildlife habitat.

It’s true that Arbor Week is largely about trees, but it is also about community. We love to see people coming together to create an environment that Edmond residents will enjoy into future generations. Our focus is on making Edmond a “great place to grow”, and we hope that you will join us in this effort during future Arbor Weeks and throughout the rest of the year too.

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