E-Tree Awardees Recognized

The Edmond Urban Forestry Commission has selected three recipients for an E-Tree Award in 2013, and these awardees will be recognized at the City Council meeting on Monday, March 25th in Downtown Edmond. The Urban Forestry Department is honored to announce this year’s E-Tree Awardees, which include Carpet Interiors, Inc. for “Outstanding Urban Forest Enhancement”, Warren Filley with “Outstanding Urban Forest Preservation” and Wayne Sadeghy of Belmont Farms, LLC also for “Outstanding Urban Forest Preservation”.

Carpet Interiors, owned by Mary Hauser, originally developed the site now occupied by Silver Tree Interiors at 1801 E 15th St. The site design incorporated existing, native trees into the landscape. In addition, permeable materials were used for the driveway and parking area, providing for the continued health of these preserved trees. As a result, this business blends in perfectly with the forested areas near Hafer Park.

Warren Filley is a resident of Edmond, and in 1987 when his home was built he focused efforts on designing it around a large blackjack oak tree which he took measures to preserve. In 2010 the deck built across the tree’s root zone required replacement, and Mr. Filley sought input from Oklahoma Forestry Services to design a ventilation system for maintaining health of the roots with the installation of a new stone patio. The tree is thriving and serves as a great example of conducting building activities in close proximity to existing trees while adjusting methods to provide for optimal tree health.

Wayne Sadeghy is a residential developer here in Edmond, and one of his development initiatives includes taking measures to avoid removing all trees outright when preparing new residential lots. In the Belmont Farms development, Wayne has overseen the relocation of approximately 190-200 trees 6-8” caliper in size throughout the area. In addition, Belmont Farms has included many areas with potential remnant cross timbers forest as preserved common areas. Relocation and preservation of existing trees in this development results in greater tree benefits experienced by neighborhood residents much earlier than if landscaping included only newly planted trees.

The City of Edmond congratulates these E-Tree Award recipients for their outstanding efforts in fostering a healthy, valuable urban forest in the Edmond community. Businesses, individual citizens, and developers such as Carpet Interiors, Inc., Warren Filley, and Wayne Sadeghy of Belmont Farms, LLC contribute to making Edmond a “Great Place to Grow”.