Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

Keith Lipps of Steeplechase HOA with an Arizona cypress planted through the Foster-A-Tree Program.

Steeplechase Home Owners Association

Steeplechase Home Owners Association at Coltrane and Coffee Creek is one of the first groups to take advantage of the neighborhood trees aspect of the Foster-A-Tree program. This component allows neighborhood groups to receive multiple trees, planted in the right-of-way of common areas, medians and neighborhood entrances.

This community was developed around a portion of Coffee Creek, which serves as a common area or greenbelt with trails. In spring 2012, the Urban Forestry Department worked with Keith Lipps, Assistant Common Grounds Supervisor, to plant a total of four trees in the street right-of-way along these trail areas. These trees included an Arizona cypress, two Caddo maples, and a sawtooth oak. Here they will provide screening, shade and other benefits to residents of the community as they recreate on the trail or drive past on their way to and from home.

The neighborhood enjoys the new trees because they improve the appearance of their trails and streets. Keith Lipps said he was happy with the selection of trees the neighborhood received, they were planted in just the right places and they have grown quite a bit already. “The neighbors were extremely pleased with these trees and as these trees grow it helps the neighborhood.” Keith has been very diligent with caring for the Steeplechase trees, carrying five buckets of water twice a week during the heat of the summer to ensure that the drought did not take its toll.

Thank you to Keith Lipps and Steeplechase Home Owners Association for their dedication in caring for their new trees. The Urban Forestry Department appreciates the opportunity to partner with home owners associations and provide trees for local housing communities. Does your neighborhood need trees along its medians and the street right-of-way of common areas? Have your HOA representative contact Leigh at 359-4759 to find out about participating.
Keith Lipps with 3 of the 4 trees planted for Steeplechase HOA last year (2 Caddo maple and 1 Arizona cypress).

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