Tree Mail: March 2013

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Arbor Week is Approaching!

We are now just two short weeks away from the most exciting time of the year for urban forestry --- Arbor Week! 

The Benefits of Your Trees, Quantified

Did you know that the City recently consulted a study on quantifying the environmental and health services of trees throughout Edmond’s residential areas? Plan on attending a presentation in April to hear about how your trees are saving you money…

Foster-A-Tree Spotlight: Steeplechase HOA

Steeplechase Home Owners Association at Coltrane and Coffee Creek is one of the first groups to take advantage of the neighborhood trees aspect of the Foster-A-Tree program, which allows neighborhood groups to receive multiple trees, planted in the right-of-way of common areas. Read more about the Steeplechase HOA trees…

Trees With a Story: Boulevard Academy Osage Orange

This new feature of Edmond Tree Mail showcases a significant tree in Edmond with history or a story to tell. Our first “Tree With a Story” is the osage orange tree growing at the northwest corner of Campbell and Boulevard in Downtown Edmond, on the site of the “Old Edmond High School”. Read the story...

Did Borers Actually Kill Your Tree?

People often point fingers at borers or disease as the sole cause of their tree’s death, but truth be told, tree decline is often the result of multiple factors over a period of time. Find out what actually killed your tree…

Tree Species Highlight: Arizona Cypress

Arizona cypress is a well adapted evergreen that adds unique color and texture to the winter landscape. With so few evergreen trees that thrive in Central Oklahoma, this one is worth checking out. Find out more about this species…

Ask the Forester

Do you have a tree related question that needs answering? The Urban Forestry Department is here as a resource to help you demystify those elusive tree concerns that you may have. Submit a question to “Ask the Forester” and a response might just make it into the next issue of Edmond Tree Mail!

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