Safety Guidelines

Things to Remember

  • Crew members should not carry knives, machetes, axes, etc. during clean up.
  • Park all vehicles clear of street traffic.
  • Vehicles must be parked a minimum of 30 feet from an intersection and 10 feet off the roadway.
  • Keep vehicles on the same side of the road as pickup volunteers.
  • All volunteers should work on one side of the street at a time (Please remember both sides of the street are to have trash removed by your group).
  • Full trash bags must be placed five (5) feet from the curb anywhere along your adopted street. The bags should not block driveways or entrances. Call Public Works at (216) 7770 with number and location of bags. City of Edmond will pick up the bags.
  • Whenever possible, face oncoming traffic while you work. Be prepared to move out of the way of vehicles in an emergency.
  • Always work during daylight hours.
  • Do not attempt to remove known or suspected toxic/hazardous substances.
  • Notify the City or the Police of the location of such items immediately.
  • Do not attempt to pick up items on bridges or overpasses. These areas are especially dangerous to pedestrian workers.
  • Stay clear of any mowing operations and maintenance or construction activities.
  • Report any needles or syringes to group leaders. Do not handle with bare hands or place in plastic bags.
  • Be sure to always carry an adequate first-aid kit. \

What to Wear

  • It is recommend that crew members wear safety vests at all times.
  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Wear heavy gloves.
  • Watch your footing; wear substantial leather footwear with proper ankle support.