Foster-A-Tree Spotlight


Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

The Mathison family received their first tree through the Foster-A-Tree program during the first season of the program, in spring of 2010. Having just finished the two year maintenance agreement on their London plane tree, they signed up again and received a Redpointe maple this fall.

When Mark and Carol Mathison and their family moved into their current home, there were very few trees in the front yard. When the house was built, many of the trees out front were removed – more so than other properties in the neighborhood. Since then they have planted most of the trees that now grow in the front yard and love how the trees contribute to the beautiful appearance of their property, filling in the gaps and blending in with the trees of surrounding properties. Mark and Carol said that neighbors often walk by and notice the trees, asking questions about them. Through these conversations, several other people in the neighborhood have signed up to receive trees of their own!

The Mathisons are looking forward to seeing their trees mature, and have learned a lot through participating in the Foster-A-Tree program as well. They said they have become more knowledgeable about trees that can grow in Edmond by researching the trees on the program’s list of available species. Their children have taken part in caring for the trees, and the Foster-A-Tree program has helped them to learn about and become more aware of trees in the community.

The Urban Forestry Department would like to thank the Mathison family for their support of the Foster-A-Tree program and enthusiasm for tree planting in their neighborhood community. Are you interested in finding out more about Foster-A-Tree? Check out the Foster-A-Tree web page for more information.

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