Edmond Tree Mail: January 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

Each quarter, we will introduce you to a different Foster-A-Tree program participant. The Mathison family received their first foster tree in the very first season of the program, and we just recently planted their second foster tree. Read more about the Mathisons and their experience with the Foster-A-Tree program.

Urban Tree Canopy Report Unveiled

Urban Forestry staff recently assessed the amount of tree cover in Edmond by various land uses, putting together a report that was just released. Find out more about urban tree canopy in Edmond and how it is impacted by growth.

Nominate Outstanding Projects for an E-Tree Award

Do you know of a great local project that has demonstrated an exceptional effort with growing and improving trees, landscaping or natural areas? If you nominate them for an E-Tree Award, they could be recognized for their outstanding efforts. Find out more about the Edmond E-Tree Awards.

Tree Species Highlight

In each newsletter we will present information about a different tree species that grows well in the Edmond area. This December we encourage you to take a look at Ilex decidua, or deciduous holly, a tree that stands apart this season with its beautiful, bright red berries. Find out more about deciduous holly.

Participate in the Foster-A-Tree Program

Have you lost trees in your front yard over the past couple of years to disease or extreme weather conditions? Join the “family” of over 200 Edmond residents who are “fostering” trees in their front yards, free of charge! Read more about the benefits of the Foster-A-Tree program and how it works.